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Tenders Under Chief Engineer ( CE (AF) PALAM )
Tenders Contracted by CWE (AF) BIKANER
S.No Ref.No Title
1 CWE(AF)BKN/T-21/2014-15 Provn of furniture for certain technical buildings and renewal against surveyed off furniture at AF Stn Nal
2 CWE(AF)BKN/T-20/2014-15 Repair and maint of roads at AF Station Suratgarh
3 CWE(AF)BKN/T-22/2014-15 Spl rep for replacement of DG Set of 125 KVA and 110 KVA cap against DG Set declared BER at AF Stn Bikaner
4 CWE(AF)BKN/T-17/2014-15 Provn of furniture for certain technical buildings at AF Stn Suratgarh
5 CWE(AF)BKN/T-18/2014-15 Provn of separate step down transformer of 50 KVA at AF Stn Suratgarh
6 CWE(AF)BKN/T-19/2014-15 Addn/altn to technical building at AF Stn Nal
7 CWE(AF)BKN/T-14/2014-15 Spl rep to airmen billets & SNCOs living in accn at AF Stn Nal
8 CWE(AF)BKN/T-15/2014-15 Spl rep to existing bitumen road at AF Stn Bikaner
9 CWE(AF)BKN/T-16/2014-15 Spl rep to internal electrification to the md accn of airmen at AF Stn Bikaner