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Tenders Under Chief Engineer ( CE (AF) PALAM )
Tenders Contracted by CWE (AF) BIKANER
S.No Ref.No Title
1 CWE(AF)BKN/T-44/2014-15 Replacement of Cooling Appliances against BER at AF Station Suratgarh
2 CWE(AF)BKN/T-42/2014-15 Provn of night facility and all weather ground run point at AF Stn Suratgarh
3 CWE(AF)BKN/T-43/2014-15 Addn/Altn to Hanger at AF Stn Suratgarh
4 CWE(AF)BKN/T-40/2014-15 Addn/altn to tech flt hanger at AF Stn Suratgarh
5 CWE(AF)BKN/T-41/2014-15 Provn of certain electrical work including provn of solar water heating system and electro magnate energy meter at AF Stn Nal
6 CWE(AF)BKN/T-37/2014-15 Provn of over head water tanks and distribution system at AF Stn Nal
7 CWE(AF)BKN/T-39/2014-15 Provn of ramp, OTM accn and external services at AF Stn Suratgarh
8 CWE(AF)BKN/T-34/2014-15 Provision of parking sheds and fire point sheds at AF Stn Nal
9 CWE(AF)BKN/T-35/2014-15 Construction of additional rooms and static water tank of 1.50 lakhs ltr capacity at AF Stn Nal.
10 CWE(AF)BKN/T-36/2014-15 Repairs to runway at AF Stn Nal
11 CWE(AF)BKN/T-38/2014-15 Repair to certain furniture at AF Stn Nal
12 CWE(AF)BKN/T-32/2014-15 Addn/Altn to certain bldgs at AF Stn Nal
13 CWE(AF)BKN/T-33/2014-15 Provn of OTM accn and addn/altn to certain buildings including certain revenue works at AF Stn Nal
14 CWE(AF)BKN/T-29/2014-15 Construction of office accn for GE (P) (AF) Suratgarh with temporary specifications at AF Stn Suratgarh
15 CWE(AF)BKN/T-30/2014-15 Spl rep to roads in technical and domestic area at AF Stn Nal
16 CWE(AF)BKN/T-31/2014-15 Improvement to single living in accn for airmen at AF Stn Bikaner
17 CWE(AF)BKN/T-26/2014-15 Spl rep to conversion of HT to UG cable at AF Stn Suratgarh
18 CWE(AF)BKN/T-27/2014-15 Spl rep to Sewage line at certain places at AF Stn Suratgarh
19 CWE(AF)BKN/T-28/2014-15 Provn of transformer in officers enclave at AF Stn Suratgarh
20 CWE(AF)BKN/T-24/2014-15 Spl rep to billets of airmen and SNCOs at AF Stn Suratgarh
21 CWE(AF)BKN/T-25/2014-15 Spl rep/ replacement of old unserviceable HT OCBs/VL units and connected items with VCB/SF 6 Panels at AF Stn Suratgarh