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Tenders Under Chief Engineer ( CE (AF) GANDHINAGAR )
Tenders Contracted by CE (AF) GANDHINAGAR
S.No Ref.No Title
1 86203/E8 Provision of certain works for engine testing BED (ETB) and module change work (MCW) at AF station Jamnagar
2 86219/E8 Provision of certain work services for MAFI project in tech area at AF station Jamnagar
3 86218/E8 Augmentation of electrical infrastructure alongwith connected items for AF station Jamnagar
4 86217/E8 Provision of technical storage shelters at AF station Samana
5 80236/E8 Demolition and reconstruction of old dilapidated OMQs at AF station Jodhpur
6 82223/E8 Provision of parking shed for refuellers and ASV at Air force station Utarali
7 82224/E8 Construction of DSS Complex and provn of hard standing for bowser and specifical vehicles and wall at AF Station Utarali
8 82225/E8 Provision of lightening arrester chemical earthing pits and earthing strips at various locations with isolation trasformer and surge protectors at AF stn Utarali
9 89320/E8 Provision of operations and maintenance complex at 36 WG AF Harni Airfield
10 89318/E8 Addn Altn and upgradation of SMQs TMQs at AF station Baroda
11 88198/E8 Requirement of infrastructure for LLTRS at AF station Naliya
12 88199/E8 Construction of staff quarters for KV at AF station Naliya
13 88197 E8 Add altn toblast pens total 10 Nos phase I at AF Station Naliya
14 81179/02/E8 dt 31 Mar 2014 Addl/altn to certain OMQs/SWQs at AF Station Jaisalmer
15 83205/E8 Provision of civil infrastructure for Doppler weather radar at AF station Pune
16 89317/E8 Provision of examination hall inculding OTES infrastructure and OTM for education section at AF station Baroda
17 81180/02/E8 dated 04 Apr 2014 Provision of transformer and DG set at OTM Accn at AF Station Jaisalmer
18 80235/02E8 dated 11 Mar 2014 Provn of all weather ground run shelter at AF Stn Jodhpur
19 81178/02/E8 dated 11 Mar 2014 Provn of deficient living in accommodation for NCs(E) at AF Stn Jaisalmer
20 82222/02/E8 dated 11 Mar 2014 Addn/altn to base MT & MTR & S Section at AF Stn Utarlai
21 83204/E8 Provision of security infrastructure and allied works at different locations at AF station Pune
22 86214/E8 Provision of Addl works for motorised gate for security fencing at AF station Jamnagar (2nd Call)
23 80228 Provision of Infrastructure for Explosive Storage House at AF Station Jodhpur
24 82221/02/E8 dt 01 Mar 2013 Special repair to living in billets at AF Stn Utarlai
25 86215/E8 Construction of role eqpt Bay, refueled parking shed and FW store at AF station Jamnagar
26 86216/E8 Addn/Altn and renovation of Op Complex at SSS Flt at Air Force station Jamnagar
27 83203/E8 Renewal / improvement of infrastructure for modernisation at 9 BRD at AF station Lohogaon
28 89315/E8 Provn of storage shed for compressed gas cylinder & LPG storage at AF station Baroda
29 89316/03/ZE8 dt 28 Feb 2014 Provn of ACP Cladding in Adm & Tech Bldg at AF Stn Chiloda
30 89314/02/E8 dt 06 Feb 2014 Certain miscellaneous works for up gradation of SMQs at AF Stn Mount Abu
31 80232/02/E8 dt 06 Feb 2014 Improvement of power supply and provision of solar/electric geysers at AF Stn Jodhpur
32 80233/02/E8 dt 06 Feb 2014 Construction of New Bldg to meet ops, admin & tech utilities at AF Stn Jodhpur
33 82219/03/E8 dt 06 Feb 2014 Provision of mini armoury and addn/altn to station armoury at AF Stn Utarlai
34 82220/02/E8 dt 06 Feb 2014 Provision of tech storage for AC shelters at AF Stn Utarlai
35 80234/02/E8 dt 13 Feb 2014 Provision of school building at AF Stn Phalodi
36 81177/02/E8 dt 06 Feb 2014 Provision of in built desert cooler stands with associated plumbing facility in all residential maried accommodation and OTM Accn at AF Stn Jaisalmer